Separation is an Illusion

in Spirit

Carl G. Jung mentions in one of his books that we cannot separate father (spirit/male) and mother (matter/female). When we do, we deprive our self of our natural innate instincts.

We cannot separate mind/body from spirit. It is who we are and It is always there. It is our breath of life. It is the intelligence that keeps us alive. But we can create a feeling of separation. We can cover It up. We do this by totally projecting our five senses to the physical world alone without regard to our innate abilities, and believe that that is all there is. We numb all our senses, that give us nudges, innate feelings and sensations, aha moments, and dream symbols, from our natural instinct of who we are, only focusing our attention to the external world, and truly believing in only our intellectual minds, that what we see is the only thing there is.

When we create this illusion of separation, we feel fear, lethargy, pain and disease. Spirit is hidden deep beneath these feeling but its Voice cannot be heard with all the clutter and noise. And even when spirit does surface, we conditionally ignore it. What happens when we ignore something? Think of a sliver. It festers and turns into a big sore if we don't do something about it. We can deny and try to cover spirit up for some time, but the repercussions are great. Spirit is always calling for our attention. It wants to speak to us. It wants to heal, guide and harmonize us naturally.

Energy does not cease to exist when it disappears from consciousness. When we choose to ignore spirit and focus on something else that we think may be more important in this physical world, It reappears in other forms because It must express Itself. Neurosis, psychosis and physical diseases appear. These are symbolic warning signs of the illusion of separation. As Carl G. Jung states, "When whole countries avoid these warnings, and fill their asylums, becoming uniformly neurotic, we are in great danger."

So if you find yourself doing the busyness thing to keep yourself unconsciously distracted from your innate nature, slow down and listen, and be with yourself a few times a day. It is a compassionate and comforting companion. You can learn a lot about yourself, and besides you're always loved, accepted and understood.

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Separation is an Illusion

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This article was published on 2010/04/01